Why Egypt Wants Muhammed Morsi To Resign, By The Numbers

24/7 Wall St.

Egypt ImageYou heard the great hope behind the Arab Spring after riots and coups in Egypt, Libya and elsewhere in Northern Africa and the Middle East. If Egypt’s economic numbers were translated elsewhere into a sports match, it would be “Hope 0, Failure 1.” New riots and protests in Egypt have led for public outcry for Morsi to resign only one year after being elected and in office. It is also an odd situation considering that Morsi was elected under the religious Muslim Brotherhood party. To make matters even more extreme, the Egyptian military has given 48 hours before it takes matters into its own hands.

Morsi is apparently incapable of governing, and the economic change, reform and other hopes that the public had have failed to occur. It is hard to think that unemployment, debt and poverty could have gotten worse, but that has been the case. Even shortages of fuel and…

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