Arab Spring Redux in Most Emerging Markets, Losing Their Financial Religion

24/7 Wall St.

Greece Riots AnniversaryBeing an investor in emerging markets is supposed to come with great growth opportunities as the local populations begin the purchase and consumption of more and more goods and services outside of just food, clothing, and shelter. The rise of Arab Spring interrupted much of the growth phase that may have taken otherwise place as capital fled rather than sought these emerging markets and frontier markets. Now it is feeling more and more as if the protesting around the planet is invading emerging market nations to the point that investors are fleeing.

The concern of 24/7 Wall St. is that with the United States being the only relatively stable major global economy at the moment, there is a growing risk that investors are just going to keep their money at home. We are seeing more and more flushing out of the emerging market ETFs.

And what happens when investors worry…

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