Cyprus Moves from Taxation to Theft

A quando la stessa decisione in Italia? Mi auguro che nessuno si sogni mai di proporre una cosa del genere nel nostro paese. Cipro ha vissuto una storia differente e mi auguro che rimanga un caso isolato.

24/7 Wall St.

SkeletonWhat we are seeing is in Cyprus an instance when taxation becomes theft. When depositors place money in banks, they assume that their deposits are safe as long as the banks do not implode. That is a risk in Cyprus, but depositors were not assuming that the government would hoist a “tax” upon their backs by seizing deposited assets. That is called theft, and investors now must be wondering if the great European effort to raise more funds ultimately will put risk on other deposits around the troubled spots of Europe.

As part of the condition of a eurozone bailout, Cypriot bank depositors may take a hit of close to 6 billion euros. The move sounds like it will only hit the wealthy, but it is aimed at all deposits to a degree, with a 6.75% “tax” on deposits up to 100,000 euros and a “tax” of 9.9% on deposits above…

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