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Apple-storeWhy do the media hate Apple? Is it because Apple is so incredibly successful — or, perhaps, the animosity stems from Apple’s perceived arrogance?

Make no mistake, though, there is a clear backlash. Last Dec. 8, Salon.com asked: “Why Does Wall Street Suddenly Hate Apple?” A few weeks later, on Dec. 30, theStreet.com weighed in with: “Why does the Peanut Gallery Hate Apple?”

I know why the media have turned — and it has more to do with journalists than the maker of the hugely successful iPad and iPhone, to name two winning Apple products.

The media love you when you’re young, scrappy and charging on the way up the ladder to stardom. That way, journalists can take the credit for your success. You are new, fresh and exciting. Silicon Valley is littered with people who will remind you that they discovered Steve Jobs when he was just starting out…

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